English 280 Ireland Program – 2017

This is the website for the Summer 2017 Study Abroad trip to Ireland (Engl 280:  Yeats Summer School in Ireland).  From this page, you can access various different resources associated with the trip as well as student-generated projects associated with the Virtual Scrapbook.

Course Overview
This provides a brief overview of the course, the learning outcomes, the required texts, and the grading breakdown.

This provides a day-by-day account of our program. Check this frequently, as the details of our itinerary will continue to be updated until our departure.

Resources for Students
This includes all of the information you will need for the program, including a list of course requirements, a student handbook, online lectures, and other resources.

The 2017 Virtual Scrapbook
This is a repository for reflections, creative work, and interviews during our time in Ireland.