Sinn Fein in Contemporary Ireland

Considering it began as a propaganda arm of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, the political party Sinn Fein has come a long way in terms of rebranding for the purpose of assimilating itself into the modern Irish democratic process. Since the ceasefire of the IRA in 1994, Sinn Fein has evolved into a stand-alone party that backs many prominent candidates and vocalizes positions on many significant issues in current Irish politics. Although during the Troubles (late 1960s-late 1990s) Sinn Fein mainly took stances on issues relating directly to the impact of British internment, contemporary Sinn Fein has adopted new and varying social and economic causes relating to the welfare of the Irish population as a whole. Sinn Fein has transformed itself into a democratic socialist movement, but has retained the goal of uniting Ireland as an undercurrent to more modern political issues.


The Sinn Fein office and shop in the

center of Dublin serves as both an

organizational and outreach center

Section 1: How Sinn Fein Transformed into a Political Party

Section 2: Political Causes of Modern Sinn Fein

Section 3: Causes and Ideology


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