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Hi, welcome to the about us page! We are 4 undergraduates at SUNY Geneseo currently taking an Irish Studies course on landscape and memory. Allow us to tell you a bit more about ourselves.

Rebecca Hagan is a senior History major. She did her research on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and how who is and is not allowed to march in the parade is setting a boundary of who can and cannot be Irish-American. Specifically, she looked at the fight for LGBT Irish groups to be allowed to march in New York St. Patrick’s Day parades.

Hannah Laneuville is a freshman English major. She chose to research Irish-American gang life after stumbling across a series on Netflix titled The Irish Mob. This documentary piqued her interest by telling the story of the Irish Mafia, how it arose, changed, and disbanded. Their way of life was interesting to her so she decided to further research the topic and form her own opinions on their history.

Hemingway Lovullo is a freshman English major. She became interested in Irish gang life after watching Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York movie–specifically, how these gangs were formed, and how they interacted with one another.

Sam Silver is a senior Political Science major. In enjoying learning about many aspects of different mobs – specifically, those of Irish and Italian descent – he chose to further look into how Patriarchy affects these gangs under the identity of Irish-American immigrants.

We found that a common thread throughout all of our research was the formation of Irish-American identity and that is why we chose to make this site based around that subject matter.

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