Burntollet Bridge Incident

People’s Democracy organized a peaceful protest from Belfast to Derry, this was called the Long March. This march was delayed many times by mobs of Protestants blocking the way. Many times the police rerouted the march to avoid violence, even though many  times they could have forced the mob to move. When the march was close to Derry, a mob attacked the march on Burntollet Bridge. When the mob attacked, chaos ensued and the marchers were scattered, and tried to run away from the mob. The police were either escorting marchers out of the way, doing nothing, or even helping the attackers. This event was broadcasted all over the world and everyone was outraged at the violence that broke out against peaceful protestors. This incident is seen as the boiling point of the tensions and fueled the events afterward. This event was the boiling point because it was broadcasted everywhere so all eyes were on Northern Ireland afterwards

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