Use of Children in Political Murals

"The Death of Innocence"
“The Death of Innocence”
"The Petrol Bomber"
“The Petrol Bomber”
Banksy: Girl Frisking Soldier
Banksy: Girl Frisking Soldier

As we researched murals of Ireland and Palestine, it became abundantly clear that a large number of murals used images of children. Remembering that all murals are meant to be seen by a large number of people and to elicit a reaction from those viewers, we could only conclude that children are used so frequently in order to provoke a strong, visceral reaction. Children are the perfect tool when creating political propaganda; by having children stand in for whichever group one wishes to advocate, one associates that group with innocence. Children exist outside of the conflict, they are too young to be directly involved in violent actions, or, at the very least, are arguably unaware of the consequences of violent actions. Violence against children is going to incite a larger reaction than violence against adults.

Political Murals of Bogside and Palestine

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