Artificiality of Peacebuilding

Liam Cody and Seamus Henehan

Welcome to our site on peace and reconciliation organizations! We’re two undergraduate students at SUNY Geneseo who have spent a semester studying literature and history of Northern Ireland. Though our site focuses on Northern Ireland, we imagine these pages could be interesting and possibly helpful even to those who are not specifically interested in Northern Ireland, but rather, to anyone who is interested in peace and reconciliation processes.

Construction of Peace Bridge Derry, Northern Ireland
Construction of Peace Bridge
Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

In these pages we want to examine elements of peace and reconciliation projects developed and implemented in Northern Ireland in the 2000s through the private funding organization The Ireland Funds. We are particularly interested in the ‘3rd space’ or ‘artificiality’ which, we argue, many of the projects create. We hope that these pages can be useful, both for people creating peace and reconciliation projects and also helpful for those hoping to theorize the ‘value’ of such projects.

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Though we recommend that you move through the site’s pages in the following order, the order is by no means necessary in order to explore our site.

[History & Background] – This page gives a background of our own experiences and our interests with this project. Additionally, this page gives more information about the reasons for our focus.

[The Ireland Funds] – This page provides more information about The Ireland Funds, and about how this fundraising network serves as a ‘database’ for our project.

[Organizations] – This page breaks down the different ‘types’ of organizations we examined and also analyzes how and why these organizations might be successful in creating peace and reconciliation.

[Our Project Analysis] – This page offers a more substantial analysis that provides broader critiques of how peace and reconciliation projects might succeed.

We hope you enjoy the site!

Finished Peace Bridge, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

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