Comparisons to Parks and Cemeteries

Irish Parks:

Many Irish parks have small garden elements in them. They often have flower beds or marble statues for decoration. Public parks are similar to walled in gardens that are open to the public. Both used to be exclusive to the upper class and they have paths to spend a day or picnic in.

Popular Irish Cemeteries:

Irish Cemeteries are popular. Many have databases that help families an tourists track heritage within the graves. In Ireland, we visited Glasnevin Cemetery. We went on a tour. Many of the tombs towards the front of the cemetery are well kept with fresh flowers and polished tomb stones. They are frequently visited and have lots of famous public figures and families with lots of wealth. They are decorated with flowers. This cemetery was built in the Victorian era. This means that it was built like parks. They have paths that are beautifully edged that encourage a pleasant stroll.

The Glasnevin Cemetery was interesting because it paralleled Irish formal gardens in another manner. Beyond the ornate front of the cemetery, the graves become less manicured and have fallen apart. This parallels the outside of the walls of the gardens. Beyond the walls, there is little need to maintain beauty in a garden. Visitors hardly ever go there and it would be wasteful to spend time, money and effort to do anything with this space other than to let it go on naturally. This is a clear example of how tourism shapes both the gardens and popular cemeteries of Ireland.

Holy Well in Sligo:

This religious site is cherished and sacred to many. It appears very natural but has many features that are similar in gardens. They have clear paths, flowers, elements of water, ornamental trees, benches to rest and things to admire.

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