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Welcome to our page on the duality of Irish authenticity! We are Chloe, Alissa, Maeve, and Rebecca, four Geneseo students enrolled in a class centered on Irish landscape and memory. Our project explores how authenticity manifests among the Irish population, landscape, and global perceptions of the region. Specifically, we turn to the areas of Connemara and Killarney in Western Ireland which possess rich histories of tourism. Oftentimes these places are deemed to be “authentic” because the people are believed to be living lifestyles true to their culture as they interact with the land. However, as we will exhibit, the notion of authenticity is not as legitimate in Ireland as popular sentiment would have many believe. By examining authenticity in depth, scrutinizing the commodification of the people and landscape, analyzing advertisements, and assessing the struggle for Irish independence, our website will demonstrate how authenticity serves to benefit the Irish while simultaneously pressuring the populace to conform to a fabricated image.

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