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This advertisement encompasses assumptions held surrounding the issue of authenticity in the effort to sell an image benefiting the tourism industry. It displays the duality of the presentation of the Irish people. A group is seen horseback riding on a beach, the horses galloping through shallow waves as the wind blows through their manes. In the very next scene, the image cuts to a street festival where people are dancing, singing, and playing instruments in what appears to be a spontaneous occurrence. In the former scenario, Ireland offers exotic adventure. Visitors can find athletic activity such as hiking or kayaking within a rugged, unexplored terrain. In the latter situation, the Irish are shown as avid partiers, engaging in celebration on a whim. This impulsive festivity relates to the pervasive stereotype of the consistently drunk Irish. It also reinforces the idea that people visiting can always locate a party or pub due to the natural tendency of the Irish to party. This constructed dual image limits the Irish populace by pressuring them to conform to overly simplified stereotypes.

In addition to how the Irish people are presented, this video portrays the double bind of the landscape. Some parts of the video focus on sweeping, panoramic images displaying land devoid of people. Others show people in a more contemporary city with paved roads and modern architecture. Possessing both appeals to a broader range of tourists; those seeking an escape from the industrial world can visit beautiful mountains and lakes, while those seeking social entertainment can visit the city.

It is clear in this advertisement that tourists are supposed to believe that Ireland is simple enough that a stranger can immerse themselves in the culture immediately. The narrator tells potential consumers, “from the minute you’re here, you’re one of us.” Such a notion is rooted in superficial authenticity. This is evident in scenes such as the fishermen using what appears to be hand-woven tools, or cows walking alongside a Volkswagen bus. This comparatively “primitive” society evokes a feeling of nostalgia that it appealing to tourists desiring to escape from a complex industrial world. Emphasizing the idea that Ireland is a place “you won’t find anywhere else in the world” brands the nation as a unique location of authenticity tourists will pay to experience.

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