Summer 2015 Virtual Scrapbook


2015 SUNY Geneseo Study Abroad in Ireland
Irish Studies in Ireland:  Borders and Boundaries

Daily Diaries:  Students submitted reflective comments on expectations and experiences as we traveled through Ireland.  This created a virtual diary of our trip, with commentary on class lectures and discussions, field trips, and activities associated with the Yeats International Summer School.

Textual Analysis:  Throughout the class, students read extensively in primary sources from Irish history and literature.  These connected to sites that we visited as well as the lecture and seminar content of the Yeats International Summer School.  As part of the course requirements, all students wrote short analytical essays on the readings and revised one of these assignments for an online presentation.

Projects:  Each student prepared a research-based or creative project on the trip, which provided an opportunity to pursue deeper research on a historical or contemporary issue that students could connect to other academic work (e.g. an academic minor or some other outside interest).

Interviews:  Each student interviewed someone they met on the trip.  

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